Buzzword Bingo

Now that summer is officially unofficially over, it is time to get the nose back to the grindstone and get some stuff done at work, right?  Then just when you think you have a productive day all mapped out, along comes another meeting.  Relax, I have just what you need to keep your attention during that next meeting that takes three times longer than it should – just play Buzzword Bingo!

Buzzword Bingo is similar to bingo, just game a pocketful of pennies and printout the handy-dandy Buzzword Bingo card below,  Each time that you hear one of the buzzwords, cover it with a penny and when you complete a line up, down or diagonally, don’t forget to jump up and shout “Corporate Takeover!”

This is a sure-fire way to liven up any dull meeting, Make your own cards and share with friends and co-workers and before you know it everyone will be looking forward to the next meeting!


Let’s do a deep dive Robust World Class Next Generation Synergy
Sustainability Core Competency Deliverable Low Hanging Fruit The Cloud
30,000 foot view Herding Cats FREE SPACE Bandwidth Win-Win
Alignment Re-purpose Utilize Value Add Leverage
Seamless Collaborate Push the Envelope Move the Needle

Game Changer



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