Straighten Up and Fly Right


I am a very infrequent flier.  In fact it has been a few years since I last boarded a plane.  Yet, today, I found myself looking to book a flight to Chicago in a couple of months.  I was quickly struck by the complete absence of logic in air fares.  I suppose I should have expected this because in the past I have saved money by taking a flight from Dayton, Ohio with a connection in Cincinnati because it was cheaper than just boarding in Cincinnati and I never quite understood that.

So, today I found that I could fly from Cincinnati to Chicago for $361 or from Dayton to Chicago for $355, not much difference in cost and the distance is about three hundred miles either way.  But here is where it gets weird.  I could save over fifty dollars if I took a flight that had a connection……in Atlanta!  So, I can travel approximately five hundred miles from Dayton to Atlanta and then seven hundred miles from Atlanta to Chicago and it is cheaper?  I am trying to figure  out how the airline makes money by charging less for me to fly four times the miles.

I wonder if I could reduce the cost even further by flying from Dayton to Los Angeles and then to Chicago or maybe to Honolulu first?  Perhaps if I go to Chicago by way of Sydney, Australia they will have to pay me!  


3 thoughts on “Straighten Up and Fly Right

  1. J.L.

    (No attempt at humor with this response.) How does the cost of driving to Chicago and perhaps a night in a hotel compare to flying and its incurred costs? Three hundred miles is a fairly short distance, and I imagine that the total times for flying (going to airport, parking, be there early for security, wait on the plane for everyone to enter and leave, wait on the tarmac, circle the airport for a while waiting to land, etc.) and driving turn out to be fairly close.



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