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Friday Funny January 6, 2017 Excuses Not to Use for Being Late to Work


Happy first Friday of 2017!  As you try to get back into normal mode after the holidays, you might be tempted to hit the snooze button, roll over and just forget about work.  Yet, eventually we drag ourselves out of bed, get dressed, grab a cup of coffee and head out to face another day.  However, perhaps you have hit that snooze button one too many times and now you realize that there is no way you will make it to work on time.  Now you are wondering what you will way to your boss when you arrive late for work.  Well here are some excuses NOT to use.

  • I was actually here on time but I arrived in an alternate universe and it took me some time to get out of it and into this one.
  • I was cutting my own hair this morning and the clippers stopped, so I had to go to a barber shop and wait until it opened so they could finish the haircut.
  • I saw Bigfoot crossing the street so I parked my car and tried to follow him to take a picture.
  • I had to stop and help deliver a baby at the side of the road.
  • I woke up this morning on the front lawn of the house two doors down from my own house and, of course, I did not have my alarm clock with me.
  • My dog got stuck in the toilet.
  • I poured some cereal in a bowl for breakfast and then realized that I was out of milk, so I had to go the store to buy milk and then go back home to eat my cereal.
  • Actually, I was on time but I fell asleep as soon as I parked the car.
  • Funny story, I accidentally put super glue in my contact lens instead of contact solution and had to go the emergency room.
  • I really thought today was a holiday.
  • I was watching a movie on TV and I just had to see the end of it.
  • My blow dryer shorted out so I had to wait for my hair to air dry.
  • I thought someone was following me, so I used some evasive maneuvers and got lost. 
  • A fortune-teller gave me the numbers for last night’s lottery jackpot, so I did not expect I would need a job today.
  • I tried calling you but my phone was turned off.
  •  As I was leaving the house, I got a call from a pollster, she said it would only take a few minutes, but I was on the phone with her for an hour and a half.
  • They were giving away free coffee at Starbucks and the line was really long.
  • I heard it was supposed to snow, so I had to go to the grocery and buy milk, bread and eggs before coming to work.
  • I was dreaming about a baseball game and it went into extra innings.
  •  My phone is set to the wrong time zone. It must think I am still on vacation.
  • It’s okay. I was early yesterday so it all evens out, right?
  • I’m not late. I decided to start work a half hour later because I do not need to be here as long as everyone else.

Thought for the We

If you have a job without any aggravations, you don’t have a job. ~Malcolm S. Forbes

Waxing Presidential


Wouldn’t it be cool to have a President of your very own?  Maybe sitting at your breakfast table or standing in your bay window looking out over your yard?  Your opportunity just might be at hand!  It appears that a fresh batch of US Presidents is about to hit the market, well at least the wax likenesses of them.  The sixty year old Hall of Presidents and First Ladies Museum in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania has closed and later this month all 44 U.S. Presidents and First Ladies will be auctioned which will allow you the opportunity to own a President in paraffin-ed  perfection for perpetuity.  

First ladies will also be available; however they are only one-third-scale figures.  It would make an interesting sight to purchase a President and First Lady and then display them together, especially those that already have a significant height difference like old Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln.

You could make your President an accessory to highlight any occasion.  Put a beard and Santa hat on your President at Christmas, an Uncle Sam hat would be appropriate for the 4th of July, cap and gown for graduations, birthday hat for birthday parties,  and the possibilities for Halloween are limited only by the imagination.  I would imagine that Washington and Lincoln will be in high demand and will probably fetch top dollar.  But want about someone like William Henry Harrison? I mean if the guy was only President for a month how much demand can there be for his wax likeness?  Or others like Millard Fillmore or Franklin Pierce which seem to get the obligatory three paragraphs in a high school history book?  I have a feeling that there is a bargain or two to be had here.  Perhaps I will make a bid for Benjamin Harrison, he may not be the most prominent or popular President, but we do share the same alma mater, Miami University.  I can just imagine my breakfasts with Ben now with “Hail to the Chief” playing in the background.