Monthly Archives: December 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Here is hoping that 2014 is a great year.  The New Year brings new opportunities and the opportunity for a new start, hence the idea of a New Year resolutions.

There are the typical resolutions:

Lose weight

Work out

Be Nice

Then there are more unique resolutions like starting a blog.  This year I have both the usual (I need to drop a few pounds and eat better) and the more unique, to blog.  Now I am not exactly sure what a blog is, but more than a few people have encouraged me to do it. (I don’t do what everyone tells me to do by the way – more than a few people have told me to jump in a lake, but I do not plan on doing that in 2014!)

What will I do?  Well once a week, I will try to inject a little bit of thought and hopefully enough humor to bring a bit of a smile to your face.  I have been doing a Friday email for a number of years now.  It stated with a dozen high school friends and has kind of morphed from that.  It will be suitable for all ages.   As we face the struggles and uncertainties of life in the twenty-first century, I firmly believe that a little laughter will help us get through it.

So, here is my favor to ask, sign-up for the blog and tell your friends and acquaintances to sign-up and get this off the ground.