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Friday Funny January 18, 2018 A Touching Story About Doilies

Happy Friday!  This week I wanted to share a very touching story about doilies.


An older couple who had been married for fifty years decided that it was time to downsize as they approached retirement. As they were packing things up, the husband came across a shoe-box back in the corner of a shelf in the closet.  When he opened it, he was surprised to find two 2 doilies and three large bundles of twenty-dollar bills.  He took the shoe-box to his wife and asked her if she knew about the box.

She gave him a sheepish smile and told him about some advice she had received from her Mother before they had gotten married.  She said that her Mother had told that she should crochet a doily every time that she got mad at her husband instead of getting into an argument.

The husband was quite touched thinking about all the good and bad times they had shared over the last fifty years and that his lovely wife had only been mad twice.

“What about the three bundles of twenty-dollar bills?” he asked.  “Oh that,” she replied, “is  the money I made from selling the doilies.”

Thought for the Week

Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. ~Voltaire


Friday Funny January 11, 2019 Real Estate Terms

Happy Friday!  I hope that 2019 is off to a good start for you.  This week my neighbor put his house on the market which started me thinking  about how houses for sale are described in listings and how some of those words could mean something just a little different from what one might assume. 


Breathtaking – one whiff of the basement and your eyes will water and your will cough uncontrollably.

Classic – this was a great house when in was built in 1945 and not a thing has been changed since.

Retro – you will love the avocado green appliances, shag carpeting and wagon wheel light.

Intimate – not quite large enough for your family, even if it is a family of one.

Easy Highway Access – simply back out of your driveway and voila’ you are on the entrance ramp to I-75.

Get-away – almost impossible to find and the address does not appear on any map.

Great Investment – plan on investing every dollar you make to try to get this one up-to-date.

One-of-a-kind – built by four different contractors without the aid of any blueprints.

Quiet – all the other houses on the street have been abandoned.

Mature Landscaping – you will need a machete to find the front door.

Priced to Sell – as long as you are willing to overpay.

Motivated Buyer – he is motivated to take every dollar possible from you.

Storybook – every house has a story to tell and this one could have been written by Stephen King.

Thought for the Week

We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there. ~Charles F. Kettering

Who Needs a Career Path?

For me the beginning of 2019 brought a new job in a new industry with new responsibilities.  I am hoping that that this will be my last full-time employer as I am rounding third and heading for home career-wise.

The change has had me thinking about the jobs and careers that I have had during my work-life.  As I was pondering, I came across the pay stub from my very first pay from my very first job.

For me, my work life began early in my senior year of high school at Sherer’s Ice Cream on North Main Street in Dayton, Ohio.  My first week I worked five hours, two hours on Friday and three hours on Saturday.  For my efforts, I was paid, before tax, $6.50 (for those of you that did not pull up the calculator app on your phone, that translates into $1.30 per hour.)  Thirty-eight cents were deducted in taxes leaving me with $6.12 net (somewhere in a baggy in  my basement there is a $1 bill that was part of that $6.12 (Mr. Sherer paid in cash). I do not recall exactly what I did with that first pay, but the odds are that I did go and blow it all in one place – probably on a date to the movies.

Thankfully, my income has increased significantly from $1.30/hr and it does not take an entire paycheck to go to the movies (although the price of a movie has increased several fold since then – but that is a topic for another day).  They say you have to start somewhere and Sherer’s was a good place to start.  Since then I have had a number of jobs – some positive experiences and some negative experiences – some part-time and some full-time – some with good growth potential and some with no potential – some that sounded impressive and some that did not – some that paid well and some that paid $1.30/hr – sometimes more than one job at a time.  

Each job I have ever had has contributed to where I am now and who I am now.  My career path (if I ever really had a career path) has been rather circuitous and not the way I would have planned it, but I survived and it has been an interesting journey that is not over yet.  As the aftermath started to settle from one job involving trying to move to another city that just never panned out, my wife wisely stated, “things worked out pretty well for things not working out very well.”  I think that sums up my career – things have worked out pretty well for things to have not worked out very well.

Friday Funny January 4, 2019 I Just Started a New Job

Happy Friday and Happy New Year!  I hope that 2019 is off to a good start and that this will turn out to be a great year for you.  In my world, I am starting the new year with a new job – so here is some new job humor to kick off Friday Funnies for 2019.


I just started a new job shredding cheese, it’s grate.

I just started a new job at a factory that makes bells, the offer was very a-pealing.

I just started a new job as a window installer, it’s a real pane.

I just started a new job as a Cuban Dictator.  I’m Havana great time.

I just started a new job as a baker, I kneaded the dough.

I just started a new job with a recycling company, they made me an offer I could not refuse.

I just turned down a new job as an elevator repairman, it was just wrong on so many levels.

I just started a new job with a tree removal service, I am the branch manager.

I just started a new job with Fitbit, it seemed like a step in the right direction.

I just started a new job at an origami factory, things should be good as long as the factory does not fold.

Thought for the Week

“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.” ~ Benjamin Franklin