Friday Funny August 12, 2016 Gold Medal Humor


Happy Friday!  The Olympics are well under way now.  It reminds of how in my younger days I wanted to be an Olympic 400m runner, but I soon discovered that there were just too many hurdles in my way.  However, I did round-up some Olympic jokes for you.


Three American citizens went to Rio to see the summer Olympics.  Unfortunately they spent all their money on the trip and by the time they arrived there was no money left to purchase tickets to the events.  They were despondently standing outside the stadium where the Olympics were being held, bemoaning the fact that no money remained to buy a ticket to gain admission.  They all wanted to go so badly and to cheer on their countrymen. 

They took notice as competitors from around the world entered through a special back gate simply by telling the guard their country and event. This gave them an idea.

One of the three friends looked around and found a length of pipe lying on the ground.  He hefted it to his shoulder, walked to the gate and told the guard “England. High jump.” And the guard let him in! 

This inspired the second friend who looked around, picked up a manhole cover, and headed for the special gate. “Russia. Discus,” he told the guard, and in he went. 

Not to be left behind, the third friend, quickly conducted a frantic search.  However, all  he could find was some barbed wire. So, he grabbed it, ran to the gate, and announced “Poland. Fencing.”


At the Olympic Games, Rhoda meets a man carrying an eight-foot-long metal stick.
‘Excuse me,’ says Rhoda to the man. ‘Are you a pole vaulter?’

‘No,”‘ says the man, ‘I’m German, but how did you know my name is Walter?’

The Olympic Best Seller List:

“The Olympic Trials” by Willy Qualify.

“Winter Olympic Sports” by Bob Sled.

“How to Do Gymnastics” by Tom E. Tuck.

“How to Win at the Olympics” by Vick Tori.

“The Marathon” by Will E. Makit.

Thought for the Week

“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self discipline, and effort.” — Jesse Owens, American track and field athlete and four-time gold medalist in 1936.


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