A Sure Sign that Society is in Decay

tooth brush

Perhaps this is just the latest sign that we live in a society in decay.  I saw a story a week or so ago about a mother and son in Florida who were arrested for stealing more than $100,000 worth of toothbrushes throughout Central Florida.  Apparently they would steal electronic toothbrushes worth more than $100 each and visit other stores to buy replacement heads. They would then alter receipts to make it appear they had also bought the toothbrushes and then return the toothbrushes for the purchase price. These two had this process down and knew the drill.  They tried to explain their actions, but their story was full of holes.  The story stated that these folks were not yet represented by legal counsel, I guess they could not afford a retainer.  I also believe that the arresting officer is in line for a little plaque.

At first I thought this sounded like a novel avenue of theft, but brace yourself, because after I drilled down a little more, I discovered that there is an apparent epidemic of toothbrush theft.  While the above mother and son team receive the crown for stealing the most toothbrushes, they have plenty of company.  There was a story of a Seattle area woman who was arrested in connection with the theft of three electric toothbrushes, an alleged serial toothbrush thief in the North Penn area, and a  Providence man who allegedly stole $1,300 worth of electronic toothbrushes.  We can only hope that the criminal justice system will implant a better sense of right and wrong on these folks and that they will learn from their brush with the law.

I guess these stories just hit a nerve with me.  I’ll fill you in when I hear more.


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