This Week’s Sign That I Am Getting Old


Sometime around 1976, the Steve Miller Band released “Fly Like an Eagle” that told us that “time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future” and indeed it does.  From time to time something happens that makes me take note of how much time has really has been slippin’.  There was the time that the lady at McDonald’s game me a senior discount, even thought I had not asked for it.  There was the time when during a commercial for A Touch of Gray I commented to my wife that I had a touch of gray and she quickly responded that it looked more like I had been slapped with it than touched with it.  There are those times when I realize that I cannot do everything that I used to do.  And then there was yesterday.  Yesterday My new pair of glasses arrived and they are bifocals.  Bifocals have been around since the time of Benjamin Franklin, who many credit with inventing them.  It is not certain that Mr. Franklin was the first to come up with bifocals, but he was among the first to wear them.  Recent decades have seen a lot of improvements in bifocals which were originally made of two separate lenses combined in one frame.  Now we have single lens bifocals, invisible bifocals and progressive lenses.  After wearing them for a day, I can say that they do help with the reading I do at work and that is nice.  But one thing that has not improved in recent years and most likely never  will is the indisputable fact that getting bifocals is just another item in the ever-growing list of things that says that I am getting older.


5 thoughts on “This Week’s Sign That I Am Getting Old

  1. J.L.

    No attempt at humor this time. If you are just now moving into bifocals, you’re doing extremely well.

    I’ve worn glasses since second grade – bad vision has always been with me. I can’t recall for sure when I moved into progressive lenses – either late 40s or early 50s.


  2. Valentine, Cookie (Dedria)

    Leonard, we are like a good Filet Mignon, “seasoned”. I recently experienced for the first time getting a senior discount without asking for it. I was really caught off guard by it. Then, reality set in…aawwwkkkkk!!!!! Another good one!


  3. J.L.

    Next time you’re in my bank, come to my office, and we can compare hardening arteries, creaking joints, loss of memory, and… and… something else that I can’t recall – what else goes along with ripening?



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