Election Fun


Election Day is just a week away, finally.  But before next Tuesday gets here, there is still work to do.  So, here is your assignment:  Over the next week as you walk, run, bike or drive through your neighborhood take note of the signs that support the presidential candidate you despise.  (Odds are that you dislike one of the major party candidates and you despise the other one.)  Jot down where these houses are on a note of paper, place them in a hermetically sealed mayonnaise jar and then bury it your back yard.

Then vote and wait.  About this time in 2018, dig up the jar, open it and pull out that piece of paper.  If the candidate you despise wins and the plagues, pestilence and disease you expect to happen does occur, then go visit those neighbors on your list and ask them how they like their candidate now and if knowing then what they know now if they would vote differently?  If the candidate you dislike wins and everything turns out rainbows and unicorns as that candidate has promised, then than go to neighbors on your list, gloat for a while and tell them that they can say “thank you” for your role in saving the universe from impending unmitigated disaster.

If the sun continues to come up each day and the earth continues to go around the sun with no discernible disaster while the bucket of unfulfilled campaign promises has been long forgotten by a President now half-way through a term,  just go over visit your neighbors and have a nice conversation about the weather, the yard, the local sports team or just about anything.  You can even just ignore the first two paragraphs and go ahead and have that pleasant visit with your neighbors now.  Maybe this election season we could all vote to be just a little friendlier and nicer to those who cross the path of our lives.



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