Ode To A Minivan


This past weekend brought the end of era, the era of driving a minivan.  We purchased one minivan in 1994 and a second one in 2000.  Although minivans have never been cool, they are quite handy and versatile.  In many ways, I will miss having one.  So, here is my ode to a minivan.


There was time not so long past

That with a minivan my lot I did cast

For twenty-three years I have gotten behind the wheel

Of two minivans, which I thought to be a good deal

They transported my family to games and vacations

Over the years, we crisscrossed a lot of the nation

Seven it could comfortable seat

A feature I found quite hard to beat

It was in a minivan my sons learned to drive

Some of my gray hair I owe to being their guide

You might even think me cruel

That I would force them to drive something so uncool

The noble minivan, often disparaged

Yet proved to be a quite dependable carriage.


Alas the years and the miles have taken their toll

But we always arrived at our destination, our goal

A door closed hard upon a little hand

While traversing to and fro over this land

A little boy sleeping tilted to one side

But through it all we survived

There were some trials, a few batteries dead

And tires with well-worn tread

Although over the years thou hast been diss’d

Alas poor minivan, thou wilt be missed

A scratch here and a ding there

But overall, like myself, not too worse off for the wear


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