On My Way To Making My First Million On Ebay

I have finally started my long-anticipated journey to becoming an eBay millionaire!  I have put a good deal of thought into this.  I have read some books, I have studied the site.  

There is a ton of great stuff just taking up space around my house, cluttering up my basement and clogging up my garage.  Since I have so much great stuff, I might as well share it with the world at large and make a ton of money in the process right?  I have toys that my kids had.  I have toys that I had.  There are baseball cards and Yu-gi-oh cards.  There are GI Joes and Ghostbusters.  There are Beanie Babies and Pogs.  There are Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Johnny Lightening cars.   I also have a ton of books in my house (which might actually weigh close to a ton) and when I get through all those, I can list the gold-edge George and Martha Washington plates my Mom keeps telling me to take off her hands! It is a real gold mine right at my finger tips! A veritable treasure trove!

So, I listed a few baseball cards and waited for the offers to come rolling in.  A week later I was still waiting.  I put up a few more and waited another week.  Third try is a charm, right?  I put up a few more and CHA-CHING, Finally had a bid!!  After a week and a flurry of bids (well, there was more than one bid), I had my first sale for a whopping $5.75.  Which after packing, postage and the eBay fee left me with a profit of $1.53. (I might have to sue myself for my $0.25/hour wage I am earning.)

Not to be discouraged, at that price if I only need to sell 654,000 cards to make my first  eBay million!  The down side is that, at this rate, it will take me over 4,000 years to move that many cards.  Perhaps the pace will pick up a bit!= and I can reach that goal is less than half that time!


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