Differences Between Men and Women #113 Cup Holders

It has been quite some time since I have addressed the multitude of differences between men and women.  So, let’s think for just a moment about the cup holders that are found in vehicles. 

Actually my first though about vehicle cup holders has nothing to do with differences between men and women but the simple pondering of why it too so long for cup holders to evolve into something useful?  I can remember as a child when the “cup holder” was a very slightly indented circle on the inside of the glove compartment cover that, I suppose, you could place a small cup on and it wold stay there if the car was not moving, was in park and was setting in the garage.  Thankfully after decades of expensive automotive research, we finally have cup holders that can actually hold a cup.

Which brings us to the difference between how men and women view these now ubiquitous features on automobiles.  A man looks at a cup holder and sees a convenient place where he can put his cup of coffee, a soda or bottle of water where it will stay in one place, not spill and be within reach when he is ready for it.  Pretty simple and direct.

Now a woman will see this same place on the console between the seats and see a space that can be used for any and all of the following:

  • a place to put a cup of coffee, a soda or a bottle of water
  • a place to keep extra change
  • a place to keep coupons
  • a place to keep receipts
  • a place to keep grocery ads
  • a place to keep sunglasses
  • a place to keep emergency makeup
  • a place to keep keys
  • a place to keep a cell phone
  • a place to keep a cell phone charger
  • a place to keep tissues (so also Differences Between Men and Women #37 Tissues)

Perhaps women are more imaginative and resourceful while men are more dull and pragmatic, but please keep the cup holders empty so that I have a place to put my cup of coffee.


4 thoughts on “Differences Between Men and Women #113 Cup Holders

  1. Bill Patterson

    You hit the nail on the head with that one, Leonard! How are you, friend? Liking your new job? May the Lord keep on blessing you so you can keep on blessing us with humor!



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