Friday Funny September 6, 2019 Mindset of the Class of 2023

Happy September!  Labor Day has come and gone.  The days are getting a little shorter, a little cooler and school is back in session.  Which means it is time once again to be reminded of old I am getting, It is time for the annual “Mindset List” that notes events that have shaped the incoming freshman class, the class of 2023.  The list has a new home this year with Marist College and the full list can be found at Most of the incoming freshman this year were born in 2001 which right there makes me feel old, these kids were not even born in the same millennium that I was.  I took a tour through the list and here are my twenty favorite items.


  • Like Pearl Harbor for their grandparents, and the Kennedy assassination for their parents, 9/11 is an historical event. 
  • Thumb, jump, and USB flash drives have always pushed floppy disks further into history.
  • The primary use of a phone has always been to take pictures.
  • The Tech Big Four–Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google — are to them what the Big Three automakers were to their grandparents.
  • They have outlived iTunes.
  • The Mars Odyssey has always been checking out the water supply for their future visits to Mars.
  • Snapchat has become their social media app of choice, thus relieving them of the dilemma of whether or not to friend Mom.    
  • PayPal has always been an online option for purchasers.
  • Segways have always been trying to revolutionize the way people move. 
  • Apple iPods have always been nostalgic.
  • Quarterback Troy Aikman has always called the plays live from the press booth.
  • Except for when he celebrated Jeopardy’s 35th anniversary, Alex Trebek has never had a mustache.
  • They have grown up with Big Data and ubiquitous algorithms that know what they want before they do.
  • Most of them will rent, not buy, their textbooks. 
  • Their grandparents’ classic comics have evolved into graphic novels.
  • Pittsburgh’s Steelers and Pirates have never played at Three Rivers Stadium.
  • Blackboards have never been dumb.
  • Cal Ripken, Jr., has always been retired.
  • Teams have always been engaged in an Amazing Race around the world.  
  • Coke and Pepsi have always been competing in the sports hydration science marketplace.


“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” ~ Margaret Mead



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