A Little Internet Distraction

I am spending more time on the internet these days to try to stay connected in this time of social distancing and my guess is that you might be doing the same.  After reading the latest news you might need a quick distraction from all the doom and gloom and I am here to help.  This activity only takes a minute and can be done numerous times throughout the day.  

It appears that one of the greatest evils today is that one is offended by something.  So when you are on the Internet, go to Yahoo and scroll down.  For the first five ads that you see. click on the three dots that are on the right across from the ad headline.  Three options should appear: Why This Ad/Ad Feedback/Advertise with us.  Select the middle option – Ad Feedback.  The first option under Ad Feedback is “It is Offensive to Me.”  Click the circle next to this option, then hit the “Done” button.  Just pick the first five ads that appear each time you go on the internet.  Tonight here are the first five ads that appeared for me.

25 Stocks You Should Sell Immediately

Device Powers A Whole American City – for Free

Unclaimed Mega Millions Ticket Worth $1.5 Billion

20230 Hyundai Santa Fe – The Price May Surprise You

There Is A Secret Bunker in the Virginia Mountains

My offense has been recorded once again.  I am sure that there will be immediate actions to soothe my delicate psyche.






1 thought on “A Little Internet Distraction

  1. Allen Lawless

    Where is the weekly quote from the quote garden. I really like the quotes that you choose so let’s try not to have anymore of these forgetful episodes, people are depending on you🙂



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