Friday Funny March 18, 2022 March Madness 2022

Happy Friday and Happy March Madness!  It seems like the right time of the year to bounce a few basketball jokes your way.


I saw a pumpkin playing basketball, apparently, he was the point gourd.

I joined a group that plays basketball and then discusses philosophy – it’s called “shoot first, ask questions later.”

Is it true that fish refuse to play basketball because they are afraid of the net?

I used to be addicted to basketball, but I rebounded.

Did you hear about the referee that got banned from March Madness? Supposedly he’s a whistleblower.

Is it true that the preferred cheese of basketball players is Swish cheese?

Is it true that the best place for point guards to take their girlfriends to dance is Basket Balls?

I read about a basketball coach who really loves dogs, he has three-pointers.

I saw a man walking through the airport with a basketball, I think he was traveling.

Is it true that the nose didn’t the nose make the basketball team because he didn’t get picked?


“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” ~ John Wooden


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