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Friday Funny December 11, 2020 Gingerbread Man Jokes

Happy Friday!  It is hard to accept that Christmas is only two week away!  Let’s keep up the Holiday spirit with some Gingerbread Man jokes.


Did you hear about the Gingerbread Man who went to the doctor because he was feeling crumb-y?  He told the doctor that his knee hurt really bad, so the Doctor told him to try icing it.

I saw a story about a lady who died after eating too many Gingerbread houses, seems it was a case of  “munch-housing-syndrome.”

Is it true that Gingerbread Men make their beds with cookie sheets?

Is it true that few Gingerbread Men have houses because they take too much dough?

Is it true that the most dangerous cookie is the NinjaBread Man?

Is it true that computer programmers do not have Gingerbread Men because they delete their cookies?

Did you hear about the Gingerbread Man who went to the dentist for his gingervitas?

Is it true that the type of Gingerbread Men most likely to fly are the plain ones?

I once interviewed a Gingerbread Man for a job.  We did not offer it to him, he just was not cut out it.

I heard there is a new disease that is common to Gingerbread Men, but there is not much concern about it because nobody can catch it.


“No man is a failure who has friends.” ~ Clarence’s book inscription to George Bailey – It’s A Wonderful Life