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Friday Funny February 3, 2017 Groundhogs Were Not Alone in Seeing Shadows this Week


Happy Friday!  This week brought us Groundhog Day which has to be one of the stranger days that we “observe.”  This is the day we trust a rodent to predict the weather.  At various locations from New York to Colorado people gathered before the sun came up to determine whether or not the groundhog will see his shadow and somehow this translates into how much more winter we will have.  

Yet, groundhogs were not the only folks venturing out Thursday to make predictions.  Here are a few of the lessor known prognosticators that you might have missed.


Tom Brady saw his shadow – that means six PSI will be deleted from all footballs Sunday.

Charlie Sheen saw his shadow – that means six more weeks of rehap.

Janet Yellen saw her shadow – that means another hike to the Fed Funds rate in six weeks.

George Lucas saw his shadow – that means he will start work on six more Star Wars episodes.

Robert Griffin III saw his shadow – that means he will play no more than six games for the Browns next season or it might mean the Browns will have six more quarterbacks next season.

The CEO of Apple saw his shadow – that means a new iphone will be announced in six weeks.

Kim Kardashian saw her shadow – that means six weeks of her tweeting pictures of her shadow.

A network executive saw her shadow – that means there will be six more weeks of awards shows.

A CPA saw his shadow – that means your tax return should be filed within ten weeks.

Bryan Price saw his shadow – that means seven weeks until Opening Day.

The CEO of Samsung thought he saw his shadow but it was just smoke from another exploding phone.

Mike Nugent (Bengals place kicker) should have seen his shadow but he looked a little too wide to the right.

Thought for the Week

The groundhog is like most other prophets; it delivers its prediction and then disappears. ~ Bill Vaughan