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Junk Mail Revenge

If your experience is similar to mine, there are a lot of days when the daily trip out to the mail box results in retrieving several pieces of junk mail:  offers for credit cards, mortgage insurance, vehicle warranties, lawn services, heating/cooling services, pool chemicals (even if you have never had a pool) and so on and so on. 

These are a tad irritating and usually are quickly discarded.  However, there is something else you can do with some of these little annoyances.  I usually open them up to see if they include a Postage Paid Business Return envelope.  If one is included,  I like to set it aside and take advantage of the opportunity to send it back to the business. 

I figure this does two things: 1) it will momentarily make someone else a little irritated on the receiving end when they open an envelope and find nothing inside and 2) I keep reading about how the post office needs more revenue, so now the company that send me the letter will  have to pay the return postage thus providing more revenue for the USPS.  Seems like a win-win to me.  If you are a tad more ambitious (which sounds better than vindictive) stuff the envelope with a section of newspaper or other paper material. 

These days we are all looking for a few avenues to vent our frustrations, so enjoy!