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Friday Funny April 19, 2019 The Whole Hog

Happy Friday! Happy Easter! Happy Passover!  Wishing you a good weekend.  Here are some pig jokes to chew on while you want for that Easter ham.


Would the smartest pig in the world be Ein-swine? 

Would you take a sick pig to the hospital in a hambulance?

If you cross a pig with a dinosaur would you get Jurassic Pork?

Would you call a pig with no legs a groundhog?

Would you say a pig with laryngitis was disgruntled?

Do pigs write secret messages using invisible oink?

If you put a pig in a musical would it squeal the show?

Is it true that a pig’s favorite Shakespearean play is Hamlet?

Is it true that pigs are not good in track and field because they tend to pull their ham strings?

Did you hear about the pig that went to Las Vegas to play the slop machines?

Can you fit more pigs on a farm by putting them in a sty-scraper!

Would you call pigs in a demolition derby crashing boars?

Thought for the Week

For I remember it is Easter morn,
And life and love and peace are all new born.
~Alice Freeman Palmer