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Friday Funny February 4, 2022 Potato Jokes

Happy February! Congratulations on making it through the first month of 2022.  Let’s kick off a new month with some potato jokes.


Is it true that the potato crossed the road because he saw a fork up ahead?

I heard the father potato say to his son before the football game that he would be rooting for him.

Would you call a potato wearing glasses a spec-tater?

Would you call a fake potato an imi-tater?

Is it true that a potato’s favorite TV show is Starch Trek?

If you chopped the head off of a potato, would you say that it had been decap-potatoed?

Would you call a potato that’s always looking for a fight an agi-tater?

I heard that the father potato did not want his daughter to marry the news reporter because he was just a commen-tater.

I once knew a girl who owned three french-fry factories. I was very impressed but she said it was just small potatoes.

Would you call an indecisive potato a hesi-tater?

Would you call a potato that gets things done a facili-tater?


“Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching.” ~ Satchel Paige