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Friday Funny July 27, 2018 Building a Little Humor

Happy Friday!  This week brought the start of a kitchen remodeling project. So, I thought I would build on that and construct a few remodeling jokes just for you.


I went to Lowe’s this week and asked the guy in the blue vest, “Where can I find some hammers, nails, a trowel and a bag of cement?”

He said, “They’re all under ‘Construction’.”

I said, “Do you know when they will be finished?”


I heard that when construction workers party they really raise the roof.

I once hired a nosey roofer who did a pretty lousy job, he kept eavesdropping.

My tile guy had to cancel the job, seems he had a painful case of grout.


In our information age, it is so easy to find out about people.  So I did a little research my construction crew and was a little alarmed to find that they all had run afoul of the law in the past:

My painter had several brushes with the law but he had managed to cover them up.

My carpenter seemed to think he was some kind of a stud; however once, he had tried to frame another man.

My electrician was once suspected of wiretapping.  He was never charged.

My window guy went to great panes to conceal his past and continues to claim his innocence, he says he was framed but I could see right through his story.

MY HVAC guy is known to pack heat. He was arrested once but managed to duct the charges.

I found it interesting that my cabinet-maker is a well know counter fitter.

I also found out that my plumber once had a promising baseball career but that it went down the drain quickly.

Thought for the Week

Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.  ~John Ed Pearce