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Friday Funny December 31, 2021, I See Jokes In Your Future

As we come to the end of another year, allow me to wish you a very Happy New Year! Thank you for allowing me to share a little humor with you this past year and I hope you will allow me to continue to do so in 2022.


As I wrapped up the last workday of 2021, I was feeling bad about the future, then I installed the new version of Office and it improved my Outlook.

So, The Past, Present, and Future all walk into a bar, things got  pretty tense.

Did you know if you drink the fluid from a magic 8 ball you can see the future? Really, I read about a guy who did it once and he said he was going to die and then he did.

I was thinking today about a future where humanity has no choice but to leave earth. It was unsettling.

I am convinced that Highlighter pens will be very important in the future.  Mark my words.

I read that glass coffins will be popular in future.  Remains to be seen.

If I had a DeLorean, I do not think I would use it every day, I would probably only drive it from time to time.

If, in the future, a robot decided to avoid eliminating its target for as long as possible, would that be a Procrastinator?

A friend convinced me that one can use ketchup to tell the future.  In Heinz-sight I should have known better.

I told my grandson that he should be a cement contractor. Now there is a field that has a solid future.

If you travel to the future and get decapitated there, would you be ahead of your time?


“The future ain’t what it used to be.” ~ Yogi Berra


Television Portrays Current Crises in Episode that Aired in 1995

“Sliders” was a television show that aired for five seasons (1995 – 2000).  I tend to like different, quirky TV shows and “Sliders”, especially the first few seasons fit that description.  The story centered on a young genius named Quinn Mallory.  While Quinn was working on an anti-gravity machine, he accidentally creates a portal that allows travel to parallel universes. Of course things go wrong and Quinn, a close friend/love interest, his favorite professor and a blues singer who just happened to be driving by get sucked into the worm hole.  They cannot control where they go, but they have a device that informs them how long before they leap into the next universe. They are always in San Francisco, just different versions of San Francisco as they try to stay together and alive until they can move on.

Episode 4 of the first season was titled “the Fever.”  In this episode the Sliders race to find a cure for a deadly plague that is consuming the inhabitants of that universe.  The plague was released by “Patient Zero” who happens to be the Quinn of that world.  Of course there are some twists and turns long the way. 

I happen to have a couple of seasons on DVD, so I pulled out this episode to watch it again last week, I found it rather intriguing, perhaps I should watch all the other episodes to help me plan for the future?

Below is a five minute YouTube synopsis of the episode.