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I’ll Tell You Who I Voted For


Election day has finally arrived and we can all be thankful that our mailbox will be a little less full and our phone will ring fewer times tomorrow.  I do not think I have come across anyone that says, “You know, I will really miss those political robo-calls,” or “I enjoy those election mailers, I read every one of them,” or “I still have not decided who to vote for, perhaps if I got saw one more commercial that would help me make up my mind.”

I thought I would go out on a limb tonight and tell you who I voted for.  First, let me tell you that over the years I have been disappointed by the major parties, the minor parties and the independents.  I have been disappointed by the infighting and the out fighting.  I have been disappointed by the mud-slinging and the pandering.  In short, I have pretty much been disappointed with politics and politicians.  To be honest, I found it difficult to get out and vote this time around.  To be perfectly honest, I really do not believe that my vote in this election matters, the races on my ballot do not appear to be very close and my vote will not be tipping any scales.

Then it occurred to me that I was approaching this all wrong.  This election I voted for me. No, I did not put my name down as a write-in candidate, there were still individuals that I placed my “X” by but I did not vote for them.  I voted for me.  I voted because it is my right, my privilege, my duty and my responsibility as an American citizen.  It is a right that many have fought for, that many have suffered for, that many have died for and a privilege that is denied to many throughout the world.  Although my vote may not make any difference to a candidate it makes a difference to me.  So, I went out and voted and I hope you did as well.