Clowns to the Left of Me


I came across a story about a woman in New Jersey who, upon finishing a performance at a clown show, managed to crash her car into a utility pole.  fortunately for her some of the other clowns who were leaving the same performance saw her dilemma and came to her aid.  Apparently the accident was caused by the woman “reaching for a GPS device that fell off the windshield when she veered off the road.”   My first thought was that it seems to me like maybe the “veering off the road” might have played some part in th accident in the first place.  But a story like this raises a number of questions like:

Were there a dozen or more other clowns in the car with her?

Was the clown who was driving wearing her clown shoes while driving and did that contribute to the situation?

Did she injure her funny bone?

Was she juggling several GPS devices at the time of the accident?

Did the airbag deploy or did the big red nose provide enough of a cushion?

Were any of the police officers who responded to the scene squirted with water from flowers worn by the clowns?

Did the police officers leave with a variety of balloon animals?

If the police had to taser any of the clowns, would he or she make a funny a face?




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