Friday Funny June 5, 2015 Three Jokes for the Price of None


Happy Friday!  Congratulations you have made it through another week and you have earned these three free jokes at no cost and absolutely no obligation!  They are yours for free and are almost worth the price.


Star of the Euphrates

King Ozymandias of Assyria was running low on cash after years of war with the Hittites. His last great possession was the Star of the Euphrates, the most valuable diamond in the ancient world. Desperate, he went to Croesus, the pawnbroker, to get a loan.

Croesus said, “I’ll give you 100,000 dinars for it.”

“But I paid a million dinars for it,” the king protested. “Don’t you know who I am? I am the king!”

Croesus replied, “When you wish to pawn a Star, makes no difference who you are.”

William Tell

It is not widely know that evidence has been found that William Tell and his entire family were avid and quite accomplished bowlers. Unfortunately, all the families league records were destroyed in a fire, …and so we’ll never know for whom the Tells bowled.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma was an inspirational figure and a renowned leader; however, he also had his peculiarities. He walked almost everywhere he went barefoot, to the point that the soles of his feet became quite thick and hard. Plus he often went on hunger strikes, and even when he wasn’t on a hunger strike, he did not eat much which led to him becoming quite thin and frail. Because he didn’t eat much and what he did eat consisted of a rather peculiar diet, he developed a chronic case of very bad breath. He also was a very spiritual person. All these led to him becoming a super-calloused fragile mystic vexed by halitosis.

Thought for the Week

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson



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