Friday Funny November 13, 2015 Hockey Jokes


Happy Friday!  While we are in the midst of another NFL season, let’s not forget that hockey season is also getting into the swing of things.  The Columbus Blue Jackets were a trendy pre-season darling, but have gotten of to a pretty rough start which has them looking up at everyone else in the standings. I might be skating on thin ice here, but why not try a few hockey jokes this week.


Q: What do you get when you slash Jaromir Jagr?  A cross Czech.

Q: What the best way to get a hockey player into a bank?  A: Offer free checking.

Q: Why do hockey players like most about chess?  A: When they get to check the king.

Why are goalies good at Japanese art of origami?  They’re good at working in the crease.

The bad start to the Blue Jackets season had Sergei Bobrovski so depressed, he decided to jump in front of a train. Luckily, the train went through his 5-hole”

Q: What do the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Titanic have in common? A: They both look good until they hit the ice!

Q: What’s the difference between Frequent Flyer Miles and the Columbus Blue Jackets?  A: Frequent Flyer Miles earn points.

Q: Why are the Blue Jackets like grizzly bears? A: Every fall they go into hibernation.

Q: What does a recent high school dropout and the Columbus Blue Jackets have in common? A: They’re both young, have no goals and no good prospects.

Q: What do college students and the Blue Jackets have in common? A: They’ve both finished their year by April.

Q: Did you hear that Columbus’s hockey team doesn’t have a website? A: They can’t string three “Ws” together.

Q: What’s the difference between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Columbus Blue Jackets? A: The Cavaliers shoot at a net.

My wife was about to put my grandson in a Blue Jackets jersey, but I reminded her it was a choking hazard.

Thought for the Week

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” Wayne Gretzky


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