Friday Funny June 17, 2016 Mark Your Calendars – June Edition

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Happy Friday!  We are at the midway point of June, the official start of summer is upon us.   June is always fun and exciting.  But did you know about all the National Days in June?  In case you have missed them, here are just some of the exciting things to celebrate  this month.  By the way, today is National Fudge Day – Enjoy!

June 1 – National Heimlich Maneuver Day – celebrate by giving abdominal thrusts to complete strangers.  Kind of sorry I missed this on.

June 2 – National Rotisserie Chicken Day – you knew that sooner or later this day had to come around.

June 3 – National Repeat Day – you can say that again.

June 3 – National Repeat Day – you can say that again.

June 5 – National Gingerbread Day – perhaps you are supposed to eat that gingerbread house that has been “aging” since Christmas?

June 6 – National Yo-Yo Day – An opportunity to lift your spirits if you have been feeling down and vise versa and versa vice.

June 7 – National VCR Day – celebrate the 80’s for two, four, or six hours.

June 14 – National Pop Goes the Weasel Day – …..wait for it….wait for it….

June 17 – National Eat Your Vegetables Day – bet the kids are really excited about this one!

June 20 – National Ice Cream Soda Day – perhaps this offer is only available to those who observed National Eat Your Vegetables Day?

June 21 – Go Skateboarding Day – which in the future might be known as National Go to the Emergency Room Day. 

June 25 – National Leon Day – I started to get excited about this one thinking this is as close as I would get to National Leonard Day, but alas Leon is Noel spelled backwards and June 25 marks the six month point until Christmas and this is a big day for crafters for this reason.  I wonder who I need to contact about a National Leonard Day?

Thought for the Week

What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade. ~Gertrude Jekyll


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