TV’s Newest Smash Hit or Not


Fall brings many things: shorter days, cooler nights, colorful leaves, and a new television season.  Some of the new shows have been on for a week or two now and are already being proclaimed as “TV’s newest smash hit!”  Call me a skeptic, but really??? How do they know after one or two weeks that a show is a hit?  How do they even define “a hit”??How do they know after one or two weeks if a show will even survive to live for a second season?

The TV Guide schedule is littered with shows that were “destined” to be the next big hit like Flash Forward, The Event, Bosom Buddies, BJ and the Bear, Supertrain, Cavemen, and Listen Up.  Yes those were all television shows and the I bet some of them you have never heard of.

There are few shows that really do stand the test of time and continue to be watched year after year and these are shows that I bet you have watched:  The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Love Lucy are among those that actually were destined to be great TV shows.

Please continue to read my blog because, as you know, it is the greatest new blog of the season!!


4 thoughts on “TV’s Newest Smash Hit or Not

  1. Pat Godbey

    I watch all of the older shows since I have some retro channels that run the older shows. Things like “Murder She Wrote”, of course “Star Trek” (original), “Kojak”, “Bob Newhart Show”, and others! Not too many up-to-date shows worth it anymore!


  2. J.L.

    For me, I don’t know which is worse: having nothing on TV worth watching or having too much on TV worth watching.
    I agree that most of the shows right now are crud, but there are quite a few that I like:
    Mad Men
    Sons of Anarchy
    Hell on Wheels
    The Sopranos
    American Horror Story
    Walking Dead
    Fear the Walking Dead
    The Americans
    Breaking Bad
    Being Human
    Big Bang Theory
    I don’t know if these shows will stand the test of time, but I have read that some critics think that we are in a new Golden Age of Television. In some ways, I agree.


  3. Jay McDonald

    Leonard, Funny, but true. On the other hand, it’s interesting to watch an of episode of Bosom Buddies and imagine that Tom Hanks would grow up to be a real, live actor!


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