Differences Between Men and Women #37 Tissues


It has been awhile since I have touched on the innumerable differences between men and women.  So, let’s think for a moment about tissues.  Tissues appear to be a rather innocuous commodity.   To a man a tissue is what a tissue is – a piece of soft and very thin paper that is used especially for cleaning.  A tissue can be used for many things. A man might use a tissue to clean his glasses to blow his nose – if a handkerchief (much more manly than a tissue) is not available.  A man may or may not carry a handkerchief or tissues.  A woman may use a tissue to clean her glasses, to blow her nose, to dry a tear, to spit on and remove a smudge from a child’s face, the list goes on and on.

A man is more likely to carry a handkerchief than tissues.  A handkerchief has advantages over a tissue, it may be used more than once, it is easier to find and handle a single handkerchief than it is to disentangle a  single tissue from a wad of crumpled tissues.  It can even be laundered, on occasion and put to use even more times.  A man will use a handkerchief as long as 1) there is at least one spot on it that is not completely black and/or 2) there is at least one spot on it that is semi-dry.

A woman will use one tissue one time and therefore arises the necessity that there must be an abundant supply of tissues.  For a woman, tissues are a must have accessory and the more sources of tissues the better.  There should be a few in a pocket and a small packet in her purse.  

A man may or may not have some tissues in the vehicle he drives.  A woman will have some sort of container for tissues either on the floor of the vehicle or attached to at least one of the visors as well as a spare box in the glove compartment.  A mistake many men make is assuming that the cup holders in the car are for cups.  No, at least one cup holder in the front and one in the back, if available, are for the storage of tissues.

I am not sure what has caused this deep-seated and pervasive fear in women that they may run out of tissues.  However, it has been observed that this condition only increases with age.  Just try this simple experiment, upon approaching any elderly lady greet her and ask her if she has a tissue you may have.  The odds are  greatly in your favor that she will have one and she will offer it to you.  Hopefully it will be one that does not already have a red lipstick stain on it.

You may find this amusing, but this difference is nothing to sneeze at.


1 thought on “Differences Between Men and Women #37 Tissues

  1. J.L.

    Finally! A pundit who is eschewing the politics of degradation and insults in favor of opining about the deep and serious tissues facing our country today. Many thanks.



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