Friday Funny October 21, 2016 Emails for the Trash Bin


Happy Friday! As another work week winds down, I was thinking about how many of us are drowning in the sea of information that surrounds us.  If you don’t feel overwhelmed by the constant onslaught of information we deal with these days, just try ignoring  your email inbox for a few days!  While email can provide us with a lot of useful and timely information, much of it is just plain old Spam. To help you sort through what to read and what to delete, below are some email subject lines that are just a bit stale and can probably be sent straight to the trash bin


Latest Developments Concerning Y2K

Twenty-Five Reasons to Upgrade to a Touch Tone Phone

Investments Secrets of Bernie Madoff

Buying Beanie Babies for Fun and Profit

Fashion with Fanny Packs

Macarena Party!

Secrets for Solving Rubik’s Cube

Best Prices for a New Walkman!

Make Your Own Parachute Pants!

Learn to Sing Like Milli Vanilli

Learning CB Lingo in 3 Easy Lessons 10-4!

Finding Perfect Accessories for Your Leisure Suit

Twelve Reasons Why You Need a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)

Thought for the Week

“A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.” ~ Emo Philips


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