Friday Funny May 26, 2017 It Is the Law in San Francisco

Happy Friday and welcome to the unofficial start of summer!  This is also a weekend to take time to reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day and those who have sacrificed so that we can enjoy the freedom we have.  I recently had the opportunity to spend some time on the west coast.  California and San Francisco might seem like another country to a guy from the Midwest.  In fact they have some unique out there.  Fortunately, I think I was able to avoid breaking some of the more unusual ordinances while in the City by the Bay.


Be careful when you visit San Francisco, because:

It is unlawful to play any game of ball on any public street or highway.

It is unlawful to walk more than eight dogs at one time.

It is unlawful to transport through the public streets in open baskets or exposed containers, or vehicles or otherwise, any bread, cakes, or pastry intended for human consumption.

It is unlawful to pile horse manure higher than six feet on any street corner or carry it through the streets.

It is unlawful to walk an elephant down Market Street unless it is on a leash.

It is unlawful to sell watercress that has been grown within 1,000 feet of any sewer outlet.

It is unlawful to clean your spittoon on the street.

It is unlawful to pile lumber to higher than 35 feet.

You may only display a dead body for profit if you have valid written authorization from the deceased person.

In 1867, San Francisco was the first city in the U.S. to implement an “ugly law,” which prohibited unsightly people from showing their faces in public.  

Thought for the Week

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” ~ Anonymous


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