Friday Funny October 5, 2018 Murphy’s Law and Corollaries

Happy Friday and Welcome to October!  No doubt you have heard of Murphy’s Law – the old adage that “If anything can go wrong it will go wrong.”  This week I thought I would expand on that and share some similar thoughts.


If you find a way to make ends meet, the ends will move. 

If you change lines because another line is moving faster, the line you just left will move faster than the one you changed to. 

If there is a 50-50 chance that you might be right, there is a 90 percent chance you will be wrong.

If it says “one size fits all,” it doesn’t. 

If you have lost an item, the quickest way to find it is to purchase its replacement.

If you ask more than one question in a work-related email the only question that will be answered is the one that you are least concerned with.

If you are waiting for an email to be answered, it will arrive as soon as you step away from your computer.

If you receive any recognition for work, it will be related to the lest enjoyable part of your job.

If you drop any tool or small item, it will roll to the least accessible spot in the room.

 If the shoe fits perfectly, you will not like the style.

If you have just poured a hot cup of coffee, your attention will be required for the exact amount of time it will take you coffee to become room temperature.

If you find a product that you really like, the company will cease production.

If you find a television show you really enjoy, it will be canceled.

If there is a song you despise, it will be played on the radio.  

At any event, anyone with a seat closer to the center of the row will arrive after you are seated.

The probability of an event happening has an inverse ratio to its desirability. 

The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act.

Thought for the Week

I never make stupid mistakes. Only very, very clever ones. ~John Peel


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