They Say You Cannot Change Stupid

I recently came across an article about a theft of some pretty valuable collectible coins that took place in North Palm Beach, Florida.  It seems that a 20-year-old man from Riviera Beach stole coins and other items from a North Palm Beach office in December.  While he initially got away with his misdeed, he was caught, arrested and charged with grand theft along with unrelated drug charges.  So, we can probably surmise that this young man was probably not counted among the best and the brightest.

However, what really sets this guy apart is what he did with his ill-gotten gain.  The coins he had in his possession were worth $33,000.  The arrest report stated that he sold some coins for a few thousand dollars, that seems like a logical thing to do.  However, the remaining coins, he ran through change machines at local grocery stores!  Of course, he did not receive thousands of dollars from the change machine.

The future does not look very bright for this young man.  He may never learn the value of an honest day’s work or the value of a dollar, especially if the dollar is in the form of a collectible coin.



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