Lifesavers Storybook Volume 2

I know another Christmas Present has transitioned to another Christmas Past;; however, I still enjoying my gifts.  As a reflection of my expensive and redefined tastes, my wife  gave me a Life Savers Hard Candy Sweet Storybook.  A gift like this may not excite you but it always brings a smile to my face.  I fondly remember getting this as a kid and it reminds me of those days when life, for me, was much simpler.

As a “book” it is  not much.  I was surprised that the “story” changes from year to year.  I did a similar blog a few years ago and noted that the story was about how the five fruity flavors of Life Savers had powered the reindeer on their trip around the world and saved Christmas.  Perhaps that story did not play well to focus groups any longer or perhaps  Rudolph’s agent sent them a letter threatening to sue because everyone knows that Rudolph and his nose so bright were what saved the day for Santa, he has gone done in history you know.

This year’s story is about two “very good” children named Lily and Benny do their very best to be on Santa’s good list even going so far as sharing their Life Savers with family and friends.  Alas a crises falls upon our young heroes when they discover that all the Christmas decorations were lost in a pre-Christmas move.  So they take Life Savers to all their neighbors and share the sad story; the neighbors are so moved that they donate Christmas decorations thus allowing Lily and Benny to have a festively decorated tree waiting for Santa along with milk, cookies and, of course, Life Savors.  Thus Christmas is saved and they hear Santa’s “Ho! Ho! Ho!” on the roof.  I think the movie rights are being purchased buy Disney and will be in theaters in time for next Christmas.

I will again sound like a cantankerous old codger and state that the Sweet Storybook ain’t what is used to be.  Today’s storybook is one-sided with six rolls of five flavor Life Savers while the storybook of my childhood was two-sided with five rolls on each side.  Secondly, today’s storybook includes six five flavor rolls.  The storybook of my childhood had variety.  If I recall correctly, there were two rolls of five flavor, two rolls of wintergreen, two rolls of pep-o-mint, two rolls of cherry and two rolls of butter run.  As a kid, I think the order of consumption was probably pep-o-mint, wintergreen, cherry, butter rum and, lastly five flavor.  I would be happy to trade the “story” for a little variety in the flavors.

I was told never to complain about a gift and this is not a complaint.  I appreciate the gift and I will enjoy the Life Savers.  My teeth and my diet probably appreciate the fact that there are six instead of ten rolls.  Yet, I will say once more that this is one item that ain’t what it used to be.

© 2020


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