Friday Funny April 17, 2020 My Social Distancing Playlist

Happy Friday!  Hoping this finds you healthy and coping.  Times continue to be rather crazy and we all find different ways to cope.  I enjoy listening to music.  So, this week I thought I would share my playlist for social distancing along with a few lines from each song.  I will admit the songs are rather dated, but then so am I!


  • Pablo Cruise – Place in the Sun –Everybody’s pannin’ for gold/ and you can find it for a price/Love always promises to last forever/ but sometimes it just don’t work out/’Cause laughing lighthearted tunes/oh, sometimes they turn to blues/So tell yourself a joke or two/’cause every day invites you/To find your place in the sun
  • Average White Bank – Pick Up the Pieces – Pick up the pieces, uh-huh/Pick up the pieces, alright/Pick up the pieces, uh-huh/Pick up the pieces, woo!
  • Boz Scaggs- What Can I Say – (What can I say)/Oh to make you know baby/(What can I do)/Oooh show you that I care/(What can I say)
  • Beatles – Please Mr. Postman – Wait, oh yes wait a minute mister postman/Wait, wait mister postman/Mister postman look and see/Is there a letter in your bag for me
  • Player – Baby Comer Back – All day long, I’m wearin’ a mask of false bravado/Tryin’ to keep up a smile that hides a tear/But as the sun goes down, I get that empty feelin’ again
  • Boston – More Than A Feeling – So many people have come and gone/Their faces fade as the years/go by/Yet I still recall as I wander on/As clear as the sun in the summer sky/It’s more than a feeling
  • Rex Smith – Take My Breath Away -You, you take my breath away/And I don’t know what to say/’Cause you take my breath away
  • Donnie Osmond – Go Away Little Girl – So, go away little girl/Let’s call it a day little girl/Please, go away little girl/Before I beg you to stay
  • Barbara Streisand – The Way We Were – Mem’ries,Light the corners of my mind/Misty water-colored memories/Of the way we were
  • Starship – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Let ’em say we’re crazy, I don’t care about that/put your hand in my hand, baby, don’t ever look back/let the world around us just fall apart/baby we can make it if we’re heart-to-heart
  • Andrew Gold – Lonely Boy– “They dressed him up warmly/they sent him to school/
    It taught him how to fight/to be nobody’s fool/Oh, oh, what a lonely boy
  • Eric Carmen – All By Myself – Livin’ alone/I think of all the friends I’ve known.
    But when I dial the telephone/Nobody’s home.
  • Sly and the Family Stone – Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin – Dance to the music all night long/Everyday people sing their simple song/Mama’s so happy, Mama starts to cry/Papa’s still singing, you can make it if you try/I want to thank you falettinme be mice elf agin
  • Three Dog Night – Mama Told Me (Not To Come) –This is the craziest party that could ever be/Don’t turn on the lights ’cause I don’t wanna see/Mama told me not to come
  • Aerosmith – Walk This Way –  ‘Cause she knew what she was doin’/When she told me how to walk this way/She told me to/Walk this way
  • The Sylvers- Boogie Fever –She’s got the boogie fever/She likes to boogie down
    She’s got the boogie fever/I think it’s going around
  • Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive – “I’ve got all my life to live/ I’ve got all my love to give/
    And I’ll survive, I will survive, I will survive.


“I may not overcome the inevitable, but O, it is mine to see that the inevitable does not overcome me.” ~Muriel Strode (1875–1964), My Little Book of Prayer, 1904



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