Friday Funny April 24, 2020 Do It Yourself Humor

Happy Friday!  Congratulations for surviving another week of social distancing!  Many folks are taking advantage of having some extra time around the house by taking those Do-It-Yourself projects that have been put off and put off.  So, here are a few DIY jokes to get you started on that new project.


I went to the largest DIY store in my area and asked, “Where can I find some hammers, nails, a trowel and a bag of cement?”  The guy replied “They’re all under ‘Construction’.” “Okay,” I said, “Do you know when they will be finished?”

I hurt by back trying to reupholster my couch.  But now it’s fully recovered.

I’m really not very good at DIY but I did manage to attach a piece of wood to another piece of wood. Yep, I nailed it!

I’m really, really not very good with DIY. The other day while I was working, a pile of books fell on my head.  I know that I have only my shelf to blame.

 I just cannot decide which vanity to put in the bathroom. I have to sink about it.

My wife thinks that I am absolutely hopeless at fixing appliances.  Let me tell you, she is in for a shock.

My wife told me that she wanted me to stain the new wooden fence in the backyard. So I’ve been eating spaghetti over it all week.

I got a pretty wild idea for DIY orthodontics, it just might take the world by storm, brace yourself!

I have noticed that sometimes when I’m working in the garden, it seems to really strain my eyes. So, I have started wearing my weeding glasses.

Despite my ineptitude at DIY I was offered a construction job in Egypt, but it just turned out to be a pyramid scheme.


“Home is where the wi‑fi connects automatically.” ~ Unknown


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