Friday Funny January 14, 2021 But Wait! There Are More Jokes!

Happy Friday! The holidays are behind us and we are smack in the middle of January 2022. While the days are cold and short, you might be spending more time watching television or surfing the Internet which exposes you to lots of advertising and marketing. So, this week let’s have a laugh for all the ads we see.


I started a new job in the marketing department at Chips Ahoy, my first task is to enable cookies.

Is it true that Dracula does A-COUNT-based marketing?

I heard that digital marketers love to shop at Whole Foods because of all the organic content.

Is the best way to market cat food by developing buyer purrr-sonas?

I think Marvel should use the Hulk in more of its advertising, I mean he’s literally a giant Banner.

Yesterday I saw a huge billboard advertising clocks, I guess it’s just a sign of the times.

I heard about the marketer who switched to a job making butter, seems he had a high churn rate.

Is it true that a social media marketer’s favorite snack is Insta-graham crackers?

I heard about a digital marketer who dumped her long-time boyfriend over a serious lack of engagement.

I heard about a digital marketer who switched to professional tap dancing because he thought he was going to get paid per click.


Plant carrots in January and you’ll never have to eat carrots. ~Gardening saying


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