Friday Funnies January 28, 2022 Football Funnies

Happy last Friday in January! 2022 is almost 1/12 over which is hard to believe.  What is even harder to believe is that the Cincinnati Bengals are playing in the ACF Championship this weekend.  Maybe, just maybe, the tide is turning for the franchise that has been the brunt of jokes for too long.  So let’s kick off the weekend with some football jokes.


Is it true that when football players begin to have vision problems, they become referees?

Would you call an offensive lineman’s kid a chip off the old blocker?

Should centers wear hiking shoes?

Joe Burrow tried to tell a joke to his receivers but it went over their heads.

As the Bengals were boarding the plane for Kansas City, Mike Brown went up the service desk and said, “Put me in coach!”

If you crossed Joe Burrow with a carpet would you get a throw rug?

If you do not want to catch Covid-19 try dressing up as an NFL referee because they never seem to know what a catch is.

I heard that Joe Burrow had a dream that he would be an NFL quarterback – it appears his prediction came to pass.

Is it true that centipedes are not allowed to play football teams because it takes them too long to put their cleats on?

Is it true that old quarterbacks never die, they just pass away?

This week I wanted to make the Friday Funnies about football, I guess it is my goal post.


When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less.” ~ Paul Brown


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