Friday Funny August 19, 2022 Back to School Jokes

Happy Friday!  Summer is coming to an end and school has started for many.  Let’s kick off a new school year with some corny school jokes!


Is it true that the nose did not want to go to school because he was tired of getting picked on?

Is it true that the best way get straight A’s is by using a ruler?

I heard that calculators make great friends because you can always count on them?

Is it true that math books always look sad because they are full of problems?

Would you call a superhero in a computer class a screen saver?

I heard about an M&M that decided go to school because it really wanted to be a smartie.

Did you hear about the Lightening Bug who got bad grades at school because he was no very bright?

I read a story about a geography student who drown because all his grades below C-level.

Did you hear about the music teacher who was recruited to play baseball because he had a perfect pitch?

Is it true that surfers go to Boarding School?


“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.” ~ Brian Herbert


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