Friday Funny December 9, 2022 Things to Cross Off Your Gift List NOW!

Happy Friday! We are in the midst of the Christmas/Hannukah Shopping Season.  I thought I would help you out this week with a few useful pointers of items to make certain ARE NOT on your gift giving list this year.    


Pizza sleeping bag with optional vegetable topping pillow – I like pizza and I do enjoy a good night’s sleep, but just skip this one.

Titanic ice cube trays – what could be more fun than watching the Titanic sink every time you have a cold beverage?

Pet Hair Crafting Books – most people are trying to get rid of pet hair, not making a sweater of a pair of socks out of it.

Insect Larva – what is more exciting that getting bugs for Christmas?  You can even spice it up with a yummy pack that contains real larva in BBQ, Mexican spice, and cheddar-makes a great after dinner snack!

Voodoo Doll – nothing says, “I Love You” like giving someone a voodoo doll – it might be dangerous if you include the pins as well.

Pooping Pooches Calendar – a whole year’s worth of pictures of dogs doing what comes naturally in a variety of naturally lovely places.

Horse Head Squirrel Feeder – a hanging squirrel feeder that makes it appear that the squirrel that eating from it is wearing a horse mask.

Light Saber Chopsticks – the ultimate gift for the ultimate Star Wars fan who loves Chinese food.  I do not think the force is with this one.

Chia Pet – a gift to avoid for over four decades running.

Cleaning Supplies – cleaning is not fun – cleaning supplies are not a gift. Two facts that you should already know.


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~ Winston Churchill


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