Friday Funny March 24, 2023 Jokes That Are “OK”

Happy Friday!  Hope you have had an excellent week.  Mine has been so-so and so are these jokes.


Is it true that the most mediocre color is Meh-genta?

Is it true that only a mediocre person is always at their best?

Would you call a mediocre member of organized crime a mafiososo?

Would you call a mediocre sandwich a Subpar?

I once wrote a mediocre paper on computer programming; I received a C++.

Last week we went out for some mediocre Chinese food, it was Tso Tso.

I am not a mathematician; my statistic skills are mediocre at best and average at worst.

My attempt at art is a lot like communism – fantastic in theory, mediocre in practice, messy in result.

The other day I went to Starbucks, I asked the barista, “What’s your mildest roast?”  She thought about it for a minute and said, “You have mediocre ears.”

I recently organized a mediocre game of tag with some friends, the situation was touch-and-go.

Do you know what historical figure is known for saying “ehh, good enough.”? It was Mediocrates.

I am putting up a surround sound system in my family room. I decided to hire a sound technician instead of a mediocre one.


 “No one gets ahead by striving for mediocrity.” ~ Glenn C. Stewart


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