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The Most Useful Class I Took in High School

It has been several years since I was in high school, okay it has been several decades since I was in high school.  As is the case with every generation, I remember asking myself if any of this stuff would ever come in handy in real life.  I will even admit that although I do not spend my days happily quoting the quadratic equation, I do make frequent use of some of the simpler functions of algebra.  I have had to write many reports over the years and the more recent affinity for blogging does take advantage of a decent grasp on the English language.  However, I would say that what might just be the most useful class I took in high school is one that I underappreciated at the time – typing.  At least it was called typing back then, today it would be called keyboarding.  I will admit that I did not put a lot of time or effort into that class and remember my main achievement was producing a picture of a bowling pin and ball by typing x’s in the correct pattern to accomplish this astounding feat.  Little did I realize how many hours of my life would be spent pounding out numbers and letters on a qwerty keyboard with a side 10 key pad.  As they say “if I knew then what I know now” I would have used my time wisely then to develop a quite useful life skill.  It just goes to show you that one should take advantage of all learning opportunities because it just might come in really handy down the road.