A Thought to Warm Your Heart


I hear that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow the other day and that we are in for six more weeks of winter.  I know that many of you are already tired of winter and really did not want to hear this.  Then a thought hit me that might just help to make the rest of this winter just a little more bearable.

This time of year we hear a lot about wind-chill factors.  You turn on the news and hear the forecast, “tomorrow we will have a high of twenty degrees but with the wind chill it will feel like minus five.”  No matter how you slice that, it is a might chilly!  Then a thought hit me, we talk about wind chill in the winter and heat index in the summer. What would happen if we reverse that!  How about we have a heat index in the winter and a wind chill in the summer?

Would it not sound better to turn on the news and hear, “Tomorrow the high will be twenty degrees, but with the heat index it will feel closer to twenty-seven?”  And then sometime in the sweltering heat of August the weather person might say, “It will be a hot one tomorrow, expect a high near ninety.  The good news is there will be a brisk breeze so with the wind chill it will only feel like eighty-five.”

It is said that everyone talks about the weather but no one can do anything about it.  I know this will not change the weather, but maybe it help us just a little but as we deal with the lows of winter and the highs of summer.


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