Where is Betty?

I try to be an easy-going guy, but I do have my pet peeves and among said pet peeves are calls from telemarketers.  I have had my share of calls from Rachel at card services, Bill who sounded suspiciously Indian who told me he was from Microsoft Services and had been monitoring my computer (talk about a boring job!), recordings telling me that I had won a cruise for having visited a resort I had never been to, offers for “free” alarm systems, and, of course, calls telling me that this was my last warning from the IRS before being arrested.  Depending on my mood, I hang up or play along for a few minutes before hanging up. 

Recently I have come across a new twist.  The phone rings, I answer it and the person on the other end asks, “Is Betty there?”  There is no one named Betty in my family and I do not know very many Betty’s.  I reply that the person must have the wrong number.  The person on the other end then replies, “Maybe you can help me and goes into their spiel to solicit a charitable donation.  Over the last few months I have received this call from a lady and I can recognize her voice.  Today, the call came from a man.  I just hang up, about the time they get “maybe you can h” out of their mouth.  However, I have one question that I really want to ask, “If you have no idea who you are calling, why would I want to give money to your organization?”  I would also like to ask what marketing “genius” came up with the idea to ask for Betty whenever someone answers the phone?

Now that I have experienced this a few times, I will try to be ready the next time someone call asking for Betty.  I am trying to decide which response I will use or it they keep calling I may use them all?

Betty is not here right now, but this is Mr. Rubble, may I take a message?

I’m sorry, Betty was fired last week and was indicted by a Grand Jury this morning?

Just a moment – then put the phone down and see how long they wait for her.

Wait just a minute, Betty said she had told you never to call her here.

How did you get this number?  This is a secure line which is constantly monitored. The SWAT team will be at your door in three and a half minutes.

Betty?,,,,, so that is the name she is using these days is it?  How do you know her?

Betty?  I have not used that name since I worked undercover for the CIA.  Who told you to call me???


3 thoughts on “Where is Betty?

  1. Patsy Porco

    I’ve gotten this call several times: A young girl says, “Hello? Hello?” I say, “Hello.” Then she says, “Oh sorry. I was having a problem with my headset.” Then she goes into her spiel. After hearing the exact same wording and voice three or four times, I realized it was a recording. I’m a little slow on the uptake.


  2. Pat

    That’s too funny Leonard! I’ve gotten so many of these calls (and the one asking “can you hear me okay?”), so I downloaded an app called “Call Blocker” on my phone (I use a cell only), and that is definitely helping. When will these scammers get a real life and stop being deceitful!


  3. Sandy Mast

    We own an older home built in the mid 1800’s. The house has about 40 windows so needless to say window and door companies call us all the time. About 20 years ago a salesman decide to make us his prey. He would not stop calling. Finally as a last resort I informed him that we were interested in the windows but that I had to wait for the bankruptcy to be final before my lawyer would let me buy anything else. We never heard from him again. And to think I was starting to feel like he was one of the family.



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