Friday Funny October 27, 2017 Jokes Only a Mummy Could Love

Happy Friday!  Halloween is almost upon us, so this week I thought I would unwrap some mummy jokes just for you.


A mummy phones a nice restaurant to make a reservation. He tells the maître d’ he wants to reserve a table for two for the Pharaoh Amenhotep III.  The maître d’ replies, “Could you please spell that  out?”  The mommy responds, “Certainly, it is bird, triangle, wavy line, bird again, jackal’s head, wavy line, another triangle and a scarab.”

Is it true that mummies are considered conceited because they are so wrapped up in themselves?

Is it true that the most popular music among mummies is wrap?

Is it true that mummies prefer their coffee de-coffin-ated?

Is it true that Egyptian bandages are sold “Satisfaction guaranteed or double your mummy back”?

Is it true that mummies like Halloween because they get to keep all the candy wrappers?

Is it true that mummies avoid holidays because the last thing they want to do is relax and unwind?

Is it true that mummies often stay late at work because they like to wrap things up at the end of the day?

Is it true that when mummies are trying to disguise themselves they use masking tape?

Is it true that archeologists found a mummy covered in chocolate and nuts and believe that it may be the long-lost Pharaoh Roche?

Thought for the Week

“When I was a kid, I could never talk my parents into carving a jack-o-lantern.  Instead, they just make me stand in the window which really was not that bad except after a while the candle started to burn the roof of my mouth.”


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