Another Sign We Have Lost Our Minds – Athleisure

It seems one never has to look very far for a sign that modern society has completely lost its collective mind.  Last week I read an article about athleisure wear.   What is athleisure wear you ask?  It is  style of clothing worn during athletic activities or other settings, such as workplace, school, other casual or social occasions.  But that is not all, the push is to wear them outside of the gym as a part of one’s everyday wardrobe.  When was the last time you heard someone comment that these days everyone just dresses far too formally and what we really need is to get a bit more casual?  

But wait!  That is not the crazy part of the story.  It seems one cannot simply dress in athletic-type clothing, one MUST dress in the right athletic-type clothing and, of course, the right athletic-type clothing ain’t cheap.  The article mentions a trainer in North Carolina who spends between $5,000 and $10,000 dollars a year on workout wear!! I am pretty sure I have not spent $10,000 on all the clothes I have worn during my lifetime.  The article also mentions a trainer with 2 million Instagram followers who is among those “willing to sweat, spend and endure what it takes to look good while working out.”  Here is a hint – if you need to be “influenced” by Instagram about what to wear for a workout, getting more exercise is not your most pressing issue.

I understand that I am an old foggy who daily is becoming older and foggy-er.  But this is just silly.  Given the increasingly sedentary lifestyle many of us have, increasing the amount of exercise in our lives is a lot more important than how one looks while exercising. One does not have to spend a lot of money on clothes to get into better shape.  You can take this from a guy who has a drawer full of technical T’s that were provided as part of marathon registrations and runs in shoes that are usually off the clearance rack for under $30,  I am pretty sure that I would look just as bad after a run no matter how much money was spent on my attire.

Forget athleisure, just go out the door and move more.  That is my two-cents and I gave it to you for free.



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