Friday Funny November 27, 2020 First Christmas Jokes of the Season

Happy Friday!  I hope you were able to have a nice Thanksgiving.  That means Christmas is just around the corner.  I thought I would bring out my first batch of Christmas jokes for the season.


Have you noticed that you have never seen Santa in a hospital? That is because he has private elf care!

Is it true that if Santa’s elves don’t meet performance standards, he gives them the sack?

If you ate the Christmas decorations would you get Tinsil-it is?

I heard that Rudolph’s last report card was note very good, it seems he went down in history.

Is it true that Santa’s laundry detergent of choice is Yule-Tide?

Is it true that Santa goes down the chimney on Christmas Eve just because it soots him?

Would you call someone who is afraid of Santa- Claustrophobic?

If a snowman had a major temper tantrum would you call it a meltdown?

If Santa has mechanical problem with his sleigh does he have to call for a mistle-tow?

I hear that because of COVID 19 that this year the elves are using extra Santa-tizer.

“What if today, we were just grateful for everything?”~Charlie Brown


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