Friday Funny January 29, 2016 Vanity of Vanities Plates


Happy Friday!  We are about ready to cross one month off of 2016 and by now those New Year’s Resolutions are broken and long-forgotten.  Cheer up!  It is Friday and time a little humor.

Lots of folks have vanity plates. While the accountant in me does not allow me to spend more on my license plates than I absolutely have to, I can enjoy seeing some of the more unique vanity plates out there. Here are some of my favorites.


MMMBACON – because we all know that bacon makes everything better

LICENSE – possibly the most generic vanity plate out there

IAMLATE – Maybe you should try leaving a little earlier

MMOVIT – I am sure this makes the car in front of you go faster

HI DEBT –  No one forced you to buy the most expensive car on the lot

BOOYAH – we all need a little excitement and celebration in our days

U C ME – why, yes I do

HASAGUN – I think I will give you a little extra space

CANT C – I will give you  even more extra space

MEE00WW – don’t let this cat out of the bag

EWW P00P – one has to wonder why someone wanted this for a license plate

BE G00D – a little friendly advice from the car in front of you

IMBROKE – I have to wonder why you are paying the extra yearly fees for this plate

HAD 2 HV 1 – you may have wanted one, but not sure you “had” to have it 

G3TSM4RT – wonder if the other car in the garage has a plate with “AGENT99” on it?

HV2RUN – the car or the person? in the car or outside of the car?

PIR8SHIP – arrgh!

WDRFULL – a positive outlook cannot hurt

NVRLKBK – wonder if this is a philosophical statement or what he does before changing lanes?

IH8 PPL – I am certain this driver is a little ray of sunshine!

SLZBAG – do you really want to advertise this?

On a Mini Cooper – CRAMPED

On a Smart Car – NOTDUMB

On a Crown Victoria – NOT COP

On a Ford Bronco – NOT OJ

On a Mercedes – NOT POOR

On an Infinity – N BYOND

On an Impala – VLAD THE

Thought for the Week

Baseball is like driving, it’s the one who gets home safely that counts. ~Tommy Lasorda




1 thought on “Friday Funny January 29, 2016 Vanity of Vanities Plates

  1. J.L.

    Vanity tags I have had: SHAKSPR (I used to a teacher of English literature.)
    3BOBCAT (Ohio U., of course)
    OSCILL8 (We own a Pontiac Vibe.)
    DRUMCAR (For a station wagon my son used to haul his drums to and from gigs.)
    OLD OLDS (For the same station wagon.)
    Vanity tag I have now: RLB CRCM



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