My Elite Club

I consider myself a pretty regular guy, most of the time.  However, today I just feel the need to brag a little bit about a pretty exclusive club that I am in and have been in for decades.  In 1980 I became a member of the National Whisker Association.  I still have my membership certificate that is signed by the well-known and widely respected Smith Brothers.  You may be aware that Trade Smith and Mark Smith made their fortune selling cough drops and if you ever saw their faces on those cough drop boxes, you know that they sported pretty amazing whiskers of their own.

I joined back when I was known to sport a pretty decent mustache.  If I tried to bring back the ‘stache I am afraid it would be all gray these days.  So, although clean-shaven, I am still a member of the Association.   This club is so selective that it is closed to new members.  Plus it is so secretive that Google searches turn up almost no information about it.  I apologize if my statements are causing you pangs of jealousy, but these are the plain and simple facts about the National Whisker Association.  However, if the occasion arises where you need to name drop in order to impress someone, you can mention that you actually know of someone who is a member in good standing of the National Whisker Association and I give you permission to give them my name.  While you are at it, tell them to sign up to follow this blog!

Perhaps through this I can connect with other members in good standing out there, perhaps we could even resurrect a local chapter and have meetings and secret handshakes and so forth.  Sometimes it is kind of fun to a member of an exclusive club! Speaking of exclusive clubs, I wonder if I still have my membership certificate for the Banana Splits Fan Club…



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