Friday Funny June 21, 2019 A Flash Flood of Jokes

Happy Friday! The calendar may say that it is summer, but in Ohio we have seen a great deal of rain this week.  They say you cannot change the weather – so let’s at least laugh about it a little.


Do you know what one raindrop said to the other raindrop? — My plop is bigger than your plop! 


Do you know what another raindrop said to another raindrop? — Two’s company, three’s a cloud.

Do you know what we call two straight days of rain in Ohio? — A weekend. 

Do you know how thunderstorms invest their money? – In liquid assets. 

Do you know what daylight-saving time means in Ohio? — An extra hour of rain. 

What’s more destructive than raining buckets? — Hailing taxis.


I heard the local weather reporter was fired because news of a coming flood was leaked.


It’s been raining so much in Ohio that the Chia Pet I threw in the garbage is now blocking my driveway.


Since it started raining, all my kids do is look sadly through the window…if it keeps up much longer, I am going to have to let them in.


The other night a saw a movie about a tornado, the plot had a great twist at the end.


Thought for the Week

“It was a dry rain.” ~ Yogi Berra



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